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Hi, I'm Chris


I am an Architect with 12 years experience in Practice. 

I studied at Canterbury School of Architecture and the RIBA and have worked across Kent and London

I have benefited from strong mentors in my career and understand the importance of having someone to help support and guide you during this long journey

In turn I have been able mentor numerous students and young Architects and have a passion for Architectural Education

I created Architects Instruction to support students and young Architects whilst addressing the age old disparity between Architectural education and practice 

A Testimonial from Jaymi

As a Part 1, having just graduated, my first time working in practice was an exciting yet daunting moment. Chris helped me bridge the gap between being a student and becoming a young professional. I always felt encouraged by Chris’ approach to dealing with challenges even under stressful circumstances. He always took time to explain things carefully when I was learning anything new giving me greater confidence going forward

Chris’ breadth of experience and passion for Architecture was hugely motivating and particularly ecncouraging during my Part 2. He showed enthusiasm for my work that motivated me to push myself creatively and explore new ideas.

When critiquing my work Chris would ask leading questions to re-establish key principles of the project that were really doing the concept. This approach was so valuable to the process and is ingrained in my method of working today

I am most grateful to Chris for his patience and feel that he is someone I often turn to for trusted advice

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